Emil Wigan & Viktor Rosenberg Share New Single ‘Trust In Me’

Danish artist, DJ and mixer Emil Wigan has teamed up with fellow Danish producer Viktor Rosenberg to deliver Trust In Me, a highly infectious piece of EDM out now via Universal Music A/S. 
I am really enjoying the expressive vocals and how they effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion, instantly making it perfect to sing along to while dancing. Trust In Me is the perfect mix of chill-club vibes and late night feelings with the gorgeous vocals soaring brightly over the unique beats, lush synths and percussive elements that create a sense of euphoria and warmth perfect to keep us warm for the cold months ahead. A great song for the weekend which you can check out below!



About the composition of the song, Wigan says:
I'm all for those unique beats with that edge. The vocal being crazy catchy is just a big plus. But all in all, the deep experimental beat is what stands the most out to me.
On the lyricals, Rosenberg says:
Again, we wanted to cater to a very relatable feeling. This song needed to match that deep sort of feeling. The kind of unknown and yet familiar, dark but still light mood.