Dhani Shares New Single ‘Insanity’

Acclaimed Swedish songwriter and producer (and member of 90s hit pop group A-Teens) Dhani has just shared his brand new single Insanity, a stunning piece of EDM taken fron his new EP, Breaking Habits, out now via Snafu Records. 
I am loving the powerful and passionate vocal delivery that effortlessly infuses the upbeat song with a memorable dose of soul and emotion. The vocals are definitely a driving force in the song and they are beautifully backed and enhanced by a highly infectious electronic production that blends elements of techno and deep house music with pop sensibilities, making the song a guaranteed dance floor hit. I am really fond of the bright, expansive synths, killer percussive elements and how the song has somewhat of an euphoric touch that makes it perfect to sing along to while dancing. Check it out below!



Speaking about the EP, Dhani said, 
 I’ve always had a love for dance music, releasing this EP is a long time coming and I can’t wait! The songs were written as we started hosting parties in a friend's office warehouse that happened to store an energy-drink brand’s DJ equipment. It was some crazy equipment and we started DJing and hanging around, sharing music. What started as a small gathering of friends ended with a cue to the street. We had to stop eventually as we didn’t really have any permissions, or even a bar. Anyway, I wrote some of the songs for those parties and continued to do some odd gigs around Sweden. I’m so excited for this release and beyond, there is so much music I can’t wait to share with you.