Coco Elise Share New Single ‘Wish You’d Show’

Perth/Boorloo based band Coco Elise - composed of lead singer Josh Ellis, Isaiah Quintana, Harry Playford and Seb Price - have just shared their brand new single Wish You'd Show, the lead single of their upcoming debut EP. 
I am loving Josh Ellis's crisp falsetto which instantly makes the song quite memorable and infuses it with a touch of confidence and IDGAF vibes that I really like. Wish You'd Show is a captivating song about wishing that your someone special would come to you. This message is backed by a polished production that pairs cool guitar plucks with steady drum beats and lush horns that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a chill weekend. Check it out below!



In their own words,
Wish you’d show is a short love song about being somewhere and wanting a certain person to come. It’s probably the most accessible song we have and definitely the easiest to understand lyrically.