Atomic Blonde Shares New Single ‘Kansas City Sunset’

Kansas City-based alternative singer and songwriter Atomic Blonde has just shared her brand new single Kansas City Sunset, an emotional, allegorical song crafted from euphoric memory. 
I am in love with Atomic Blonde's vocals which are packed with raw, honest emotion instantly setting the tone for a soothing and emotional listening experience. I can't help but think of Lana Del Rey when listening to this song as there's something quite hypnotic and drenched with raw emotion that reminds me of her music. Apart from Atomic Blonde's evocative, siren-esque vocals, I am very fond of the emotional piano keys and how they are nicely intertwined with warm rhythms, catchy beat and haunting harmonies that create an overall soothing, yet melancholic touch perfect for an introspective day home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!