We Three Share New Single ‘50 Shades of Pink’

To celebrate the physical UK release of their album HAPPY, tomorrow September 30th, We Three have just shared the official music video for fan-favourite pop gem 50 Shades of Pink. 
I could hear Manny's passionate, heartfelt vocal delivery for days and I love how confident and effortless his voice sounds in this song, effortlessly conveying the emotion of their storytelling. 50 Shades of Pink touches on the deeper sentiments that include rejection, identity and loneliness, all this backed by a polished production with intricate guitar plucks, steady percussive elements, killer hook and a chorus perfect to sing along to. Its flawless and brilliantly styled video just makes the song stand out even more and you can check it out below!



Manny Humlie, the band’s frontman said,
’50 Shades of Pink’ has always felt like a dream to me. A dream I didn’t want to end. I wanted this song to be bursting with chaotic obsessive energy, like that moment you drink too much and start saying exactly how you feel!