Shallou Shares New Single ‘Save Some Room’

American artist Shallou has just shared his brand new single Save Some Room, a goosebump-inducing piece of electronic music out now on FADER Label. 
What I like the most about this song is its soothing, chilled out atmosphere and how it got me relaxed and ready for the weekend. The ethereal-like vocals really make the song stand out even more, infusing it with a dreamy touch of emotion whilse also making it perfect to sing along to. The delicate vocals and harmonies glide effortlessly over the melancholy guitars, lush synths and a bouncy, highly danceable bass line that are then joined by a gorgeous saxophone solo that carries the whole song to new heights. There's a mix of feelings sometimes melancholic and sometimes hopeful that I really like, making it perfect for these days when we reminisce about the summer days that are gone, keeping us warm in the autumn and winter days to come. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Shallou said, 
I wasn't myself for a while even after the worst of the pandemic subsided. I wrote an EP about following an internal 'guiding light' back to the shore of my life, where I left off. The lyrics reflect the fact that I feel i’m getting better, and I just hope those I love and even my fans can accept me again. I’m ready for a new adventure and to find out what's next for my life.