SEKI Shares New Single ‘Play It Cool’

Thai alt-pop newcomer SEKI has just shared his brand new single Play It Cool, an upbeat indie-pop song out now via independent record label Kaleidoscope BKK. 
Play It Cool is a song that was inspired by a really awkward experience that SEKI had, while trying to chat with an attractive woman in a park. As you might be able to imagine, it didn’t go as planned! He walked away from the exchange, face red and completely embarrassed. This very relatable story is backed by an upbeat indie-pop production that features new wave synth sounds, groovy guitar riffs and steady drum patterns that beautifully back his lovely, expressive vocals. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, SEKI said, 
It's really about trying to capture the awkwardness I’ve had over time just trying to act ‘normal’ in front of people. I think we’ve all probably been guilty at times of pretending to be cooler than we actually are, so I’m hoping people will relate to that in this track.