Rayowa Share New Single ‘Believe’

Time to dance. British 3-piece band Rayowa have just shared their brand new single Believe, the title track of their sophomore EP which is out now. 
Believe is an upbeat, danceable piece of nu-disco that features groovy guitars, lush disco strings and tons of energy that create an overall feel-good atmosphere that instantly made my day shine a little brighter. I am particularly fond of lead vocalist Luke's distinctive falsetto which oozes soul and passion, gliding effortlessly over the infectious production. Accompanying the release, Rayowa have shared its official music video that features footage from their recent live performances and bringing the energy and joyous nature of the EP to life. Check it out below!



Speaking on the EP, Rayowa explain:
The four tunes on this EP collectively encompass the message of keeping the faith, regardless of how difficult the circumstances you find yourself in are, and so it felt natural for the EP to be named ‘Believe”
Musically, we wanted to push beyond the boundaries of disco we explored on our first EP and showcase a wider range of influences including RnB, Soul and Funk. Our aim was to create something that sounds fresh and modern but also feels as familiar and as timeless as your favourite worn in record.