R O B B E E Shares New Single ‘All I Ever Do’

British artist R O B B E E has just shared his brand new single All I Ever Do, an upbeat electro-pop song about running back to your ex. 
I am a fan of R O B B E E's passionate vocals which glide effortlessly over the danceable production, instantly creating an euphoric, feel-good atmosphere. All I Ever Do is a relatable song about going back to one's ex, be it for one night or more than once sometimes, a message that is backed by a cpativating blend of garage and dance beats with killer percussive elements and synths enhancing the euphoria and upbeat vibes. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song,  R O B B E E  said,
This song was so fun to write & create. I wrote it all in my head without using an instrument whilst at work bored on the shop floor, which is a first for me. It’s about what most people do and they know they shouldn't - go back to your EX for one night… or more than once sometimes!! I feel like the lyrics really paint a picture of a classic time someone has done that in their life & I hope it makes them laugh, or think, oh well, it was a fun time, or a “shit I shouldn’t have done that’. My favourite song to date and I really believe people will love it. It’s got garage beats, dance beats and fun sound effects.