PRIESTESS Shares New Single ‘Holy Flesh’

PRIESTESS, the moniker of London-based alt-pop artist Kate Fleur Young, has just shared her bewitching new single Holy Flesh. 
I am absolutely in love with her rich, alluring vocals which are packed with so much heart and emotion, effortlessly capturing our attention to her storytelling. Holy Flesh is a song about the sanctity within the feminine and the silent anger and rage felt when violence, be it physical or verbal, is inflicted against a person. Apart from her enchanting, emotional vocals I am particularly fond of the haunting piano melodies, woozy electronics and epic instrumental towards the end that together create a powerful, somewhat epic and cinematic atmosphere that makes this quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. An evocative music video accompanies this gem, co-directed by fellow artist and friend Ana Lemos, shot in the vast isolated British coastal setting of Fairlight Glen. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, PRIESTESS said, 
’Holy Flesh’ is about the sanctity within the feminine and the rage felt when violence in words and actions are inflicted against a person, when at the core they are a sacred being. It was written at a time when I felt ‘weak’ and undermined for showing emotion. For centuries, women have been made to feel like this and I wanted to write a song about that silent anger, which can often be left without anywhere to be released or placed within society. For the video concept. I wanted to create something similar to a Gothic Folk Horror short, using witchcraft and murder as the main themes.