Jenny Kern Shares New Single ‘Miss Somebody’

Brooklyn-based, Canadian indie singer-songwriter Jenny Kern has just shared her brand new single Miss Somebody, a retro-infused indie-pop song taken from her upcoming EP. 
I am a fan of Jenny Kern's gorgeous, expressive vocals which are packed with so much emotion, instantly connecting us to her relatable storytelling. Miss Somebody finds Jenny Kern reminiscing about a past love, a message backed by a polished indie-pop production featuring catchy drum patterns, lush, expansive synths, groovy guitar riffs and retro-infused vibes that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a long sunset drive or chill summer evenings at the beach. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jenny Kern said,
“Miss Somebody” is a song that reminisces about a past love. As much as love is a part of being human, so is heartbreak. But there’s something beautiful about remembering something special. I’m definitely a person who struggles to let go of certain moments, feelings or people. However, I am learning how to appreciate those moments even when they’re gone. I’m learning how important it is to live in the present emotions. To think, process and write about them. To feel it all and know it’s ok to miss somebody.