FOMO & Bonnie x Clyde Share New Single ‘Need Ya’

Time to dance! Dynamic music producers FOMO teamed up with fellow producer duo Bonnie X Clyde to deliver a high energy club anthem called Need Ya. 
Out now via Seminal Records, Need Ya features lush vocals packed with emotion and touches of sensuality, gliding effortlessly over the upbeat production while also making it perfect to sing along to. Need Ya is a song about the need to have someone special in your life, a relatable message wrapped in a high-energy electronic production. Apart from the gorgeous vocals I am particularly fond of the ominous, thundering beats that are seamlessly intertwined with expansive synths and house piano chords that build up with energy and rhythm, making this a killer song for the dance floor. This is one of those songs perfect to get you energised and hyped up for the weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Bonnie X Clyde said, 
After experiencing ups and downs in our relationship over the past 2 years, when we met up with FOMO to write a song, naturally, a song about needing someone in your life came out of us. It was a time we felt vulnerable and we’re so happy we were able to reminisce looking back on our experiences, share these emotions with each other, & spill it all out in the creation of this track. We can’t wait for everyone to take this song and make it their own.
FOMO added,
When we wrote “Need Ya” with Bonnie X Clyde the goal was to merge our two sounds to create a feelsy story-driven track that still bangs in the club. We’re really proud of how it turned out and can’t wait to share it with everyone!