Blue Canopy Shares New Single ‘Stranger At The Door’ ft. Misty Boyce

Blue Canopy, the moniker of Portland-based multi-instrumentalist Alex Schiff, has just shared his brand new single Stranger At The Door, a hypnotic and chill piece of electronic music. 
For this song, the talented artist teamed up with songstress Misty Boyce, whose lush, dreamy vocals beautifully infuse the song with a warm and soothing touch that I really enjoyed. Stranger At The Door is a song about struggling with anxiety and not feeling comfortable in one's own skin, a relatable message wrapped in a memorable electronic production that features groovy guitar riffs, steady drum patterns, cool rhythms and lush, bright synths that together create an overall hazy, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a chill weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Blue Canopy said,
Stranger At The Door is a song from my dog Banjo's perspective. He's been super anxious and paranoid since we moved to a new house. He's especially worried that there is someone or something dangerous at the front door. Some of it, and the inspiration is from his perspective. I relate it later in the song to my own social anxieties that have escalated since COVID. I often don't feel comfortable in my own skin, or without a mask, or around people in general.