Barny Fletcher Shares New Single ‘Intergirlactic’

London-based singer/rapper Barny Fletcher has just shared his radiant new single Intergirlactic, the precursor to his forthcoming new mixtape, JETPACK, due out October 19. 
This song is giving me The Neptunes early 2000s vibes and is packed with tons of groove that instantly got me in a good mood. Intergirlactic blends slick melodic runs with a driving hip-hop pulse that creates a perfect canvas for Barny's impeccable flow. I am loving the groovy rhythms and how the song is perfect to get you dancing in no time. Check it out below!



Describing the track, Barny notes: 
I was scrolling through beats made by this producer called MBWAV. I found him on Youtube. Work is crazy good. The word intergalactic itself was one that I was desperate to use before anyone else did. I was honestly surprised that Jamiroquai Or Pharrell hadn’t taken it already. I think I wrote about six songs called intergirlactic before I came to this one.