Alex Kate Shares New Single ‘Lost In You’

British singer and songwriter Alex Kate has just shared her brand new single Lost In You, the latest single to be taken from her highly anticipated EP, Rebel For Love, set to arrive on October 14th via Pax Records. 
I am really enjoying Alex Kate's lovely, enchanting vocals and how they infuse the song with a dreamy touch while effortlessly conveying the emotion of her storytelling. This beautiful love song features an infectious beat and an ethereal dreamscape that makes it perfect for this chill sunsets at the beach or long drives, creating a sense of calm and bliss! 
The video to Lost in You was shot in Capetown as most of her visuals for the Rebel for Love EP. While working with just a demo at the time, she got a friend, Freddie Reed who usually works for National Geographic, involved and had the wild idea to go and shoot the video in two days in the desert and finish at a farm up on a cliff 500km from Capetown. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, Alex Kate said,

‘Sounds great,’ I said to Freddie. I didn’t know that we would be driving through some of the heaviest rain that the Karoo desert has seen in 10 years and get to our final destination and there to be no sunset or stars and a complete white out. However, it was actually the most amazing experience shooting in the desert where Afrikaburn happens. Freddie Reed, the director wanted to encapsulate the feeling of being lost and lonely in the city and at peace and alive in the desert. I think he has done a magical job.