zach404 Shares Debut Single ‘pretty girl from the internet’

zach404 the project of Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and musician Zach DeGaetano has just shared his official debut single pretty girl from the internet, a high energy pop/rock cut. 

What I like the most about the song is the passionate vocal delivery and how confident it sounds, gliding effortlessly over the energetic production. A song about unrequited love, pretty girl from the internet is a devastatingly catchy new wave pop punk song that slaps you in the face and leaves you aching for more. Apart from the vocals I am particularly fond of the soaring guitars and punchy drums that create an overall warm and energetic atmospehre perfect for a fun weekend. Check it out below! 


Speaking about the song, zach404 said, 

Have ever had a crush on someone who is so out of your league it almost feels like a personal attack? This song is about that except you somehow charmed this person into liking you back (for now).