Thomas Jack Shares Sleek New Single ‘No Landing’

Australian artist Thomas Jack has just shared his brand new single No Landing, a sleek piece of Deep House music out now via Kamaruka. 
I am really enjoying Jack's warm, smooth vocals which glide effortlessly over the captivating electronic production. This is one of those songs that instantly get me in a good mood, with no cares in the world, being absolutely enthralled by its hypnotic energy. Apart from Thomas Jack's gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the grungy bassline that is seamlessly intertwined with lush, expansive synths and groovy rhythms that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that oozes chill sunset parties at the beach. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Thomas Jack said,
The Initial idea for "No Landing" started with a grungy bassline made on an old vintage memorymoog. This baseline sparked my creative energy, and I started to build out the track with drums, and synths and continued expanding on that initial baseline. I arrived at a sound that seemed simple, but still sounded crisp and full-toned. The track was pure, so I didn't feel it needed to be overcomplicated and oversaturated with wasteful production. To the ear, the elements of "No Landing" are stripped back, which helps encapsulate the energy I wanted the song to exude. This single started with production, and I eased into the lyrics, letting the smooth gliding beat serve as the track's core concept-never forcing a single word. Ultimately, this track has a sonic, unhurried sound that makes listeners feel like they're floating, never worrying about landing back on the ground.