The New Division Share New Single ‘Silent Films’

Los Angeles-based electronic music act The New Division, spearheaded by John Kunkel (vox/producer), are back with their third single of the year Silent Films, a cinematic yet moody piece of synthwave/indietronica music out now via Division 87 Records. 
I am really enjoying the tone of John Kunkel's voice and how expressive and dynamic his vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over the warm electronic production. Silent Films touches on a turmoiled relationship between two screenwriters in the early age of film-making, a message backed by a memorable production that features an arching cinematic aesthetic, droning synthesizers and percussive elements that create the perfect atmosphere for John's lush vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about how the song came about, songwriter and vocalist John Kunkel states, 

I thought writing a piece of music about something I'm unfamiliar with would be a fun exercise. That later translated into "Silent Films," which goes into what the lyrics portray. While the song isn't immediately straightforward about who's on the wrong or right, I think there's an open-ended spirit of competition that the listener can dissect between the lines.