The A.M.s Share New Single ‘Ignite The Sky’

Indie-folk duo The A.M.s, consisting of California-based Adrian Libertini (vocals, guitar, bass) and Washington-based Mariko Langan (piano, backing vocals), have just shared their brand new single Ignite The Sky, the title track of their upcoming debut album. 
Out now via 1000 Miles Productions, Ignite The Sky merges Adrian Libertini’s expressive and dynamic vocals with ethereal and tender vocals from Mariko Langan. Apart from their gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the song's warmth and how it sounds perfect for a laid-back, introspective day at home. Backing their vocals we have a polished production that builds by incorporating layered guitars, emotive piano chords, and multiple drum tracks to capture the orchestral percussion, creating an overall cinematic yet empathetic atmosphere that gives listeners a deep understanding of the profundity and emotional care The A.M.s possess through their nostalgic lyrics. Definitely a memorable listening experience which you can check out below!