Sofia Karlberg Shares New Single ‘Hold My Love’ ft. TUSO & Discrete

Swedish/Moroccan singer and songwriter Sofia Karlberg has just shared her brand new single Hold My Love, an infectious blend of Electro-Pop and House elements! 
The title track of her new EP, Hold My Love EP finds Sofia Karlberg teaming up with fellow Swedish producers TUSO and Discrete to deliver a memorable piece of electronic music packed with soul and energy. I am a fan of Sofia's lush, sultry vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of her storytelling, gliding beautifully over the upbeat electronic production. This is a song about speaking out to your lover to hold your love until you're ready, a message enveloped in unique melodies and harmoines. 
Apart from her confident and dynamic vocal delivery, I am particularly fond of the way the song blends electronic elements together with pop arrangements and topline melodies inspired from Morocco to push her own boundaries about what music is for her. This is one of those songs perfect for those blissful moments during a summer festival, as its infectious beat and feel-good atmosphere is guaranteed to get everybody in a good mood in no time. Check it out below!