Sofi Gev Shares New Single ‘Someday, Maybe’

Sofi Gev, the solo project of American singer-songwriter and indie pop artist Hannah Lovelady, has just shared her brand new single Someday, Maybe, a melancholia-infused piece of Lo-fi/alt-pop music about losing a loved one. 
As soon as I heard those emotive and melancholic piano chords I knew I was going to fall in love with this song. Someday, Maybe finds the talented artist singing about the emptiness and heartache one feels after losing a loved one. Sofi Gev effortlessly captures these feelings through her heartfelt storytelling and emotive vocal delivery that is paired with a warm and haunting production that blends lush piano chords with cinematic strings, creating somewhat of an epic and melancholic atmosphere that will give you the feels in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sofi Gev said,
Someday, Maybe is an exploration of my worst fear - losing a loved one. I think it might feel like the ground disappearing under your feet. You’re suspended in freefall, looking for a safe landing that never comes. A dusty hollowness permeates your house, so you step outside desperate for some fresh air, but the feeling follows you like a headache. Not knowing what happens after death, you wonder if you might hear from them again somehow, but you also feel ridiculous doing so. The worst kind of isolation.