ROE Shares Stirring New Single ‘Cut My Teeth’

Irish singer and songwriter ROE has just shared her stunning new single Cut My Teeth, the latest single to be taken from her upcoming debut album, That’s When The Panic Sets In, set to arrive on September 23rd. 
Cut My Teeth is a gut-wrenching piece of music that finds ROE at her most brutally honest to date. A song written about being in a really dark place in life, Cut My Teeth reminds listeners how incredible it is to be alive. This message is flawlessly conveyed through ROE's emotional vocal delivery which is backed by a polished production that effortlessly enhances the emotion of her storytelling. Apart from her gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords that are seamlessly intertwined with a shimmering string quartet that create an overall warm, emotional atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, ROE said,
I wrote ‘Cut My Teeth’ when I was in a really dark place and felt the need to write to remind myself that it wasn’t a permanent state. This song is about how incredible it is that we get to be alive. It was an emotional one to record but I’m putting it on the album because writing it made me feel hopeful and I want other people to feel that too.