Patrick Mc Eleney Shares New Single ‘Only Time Will Tell’

Irish singer and songwriter Patrick Mc Eleney has just shared his brand new single Only Time Will Tell, the title track of his upcomming debut EP. 
I am a fan of Patrick Mc Eleney's rich, distinctive tone and how it oozes so much heart and emotion, instantly capturing our attention from start to finish. Only Time Will Tell is a song about how one feels the pressure of time to fulfil their dreams, with a message of enjoying the process as much as we can and not be a prisoner of time. As I grow older I tend to feel that pressure, feeling time going by too fast and I like the way Patrick shows that I should enjoy the present and the journey. Apart from his stunning vocals, I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar-based melodies that are paired with subtle piano chords, lush cello strings and clock ticking sounds that together create a warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. 
Its accompanying video was filmed by Joel Harkin and Eoghan Farren, and contains illustrations by Ruth Graham and was edited by Patrick himself. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Patrick Mc Eleney said, 
This song originally started out life as an instrumental track that I was due to record on my last day in studio, however the lyrics and melody idea came to me as I was driving in that morning. At that time I just saw an internal clock that was speedily counting down and that soon the days, years and decades would be gone and I would have never taken the leap to try and express myself through music. Today I have a more balanced approach to this where I try not to beat myself up so much and just enjoy the process as much as I can.