NOAH Shares New Single ‘Way Back Home’

British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist NOAH has just shared his sophomore single Way Back Home, a powerful pop sog out now via Distiller Records. 
What I like the most about this song is how passioante NOAH's vocals are, effortlessly conveying the emotion of his storytelling. Way Back Home is a song about Luxembourg, the country that saw him grow up, touching on homesickness, something many of us can relate to. Apart from his potent vocals, I am particularly fond of the distorted synths seamlessly intertwined with a repeated piano vamp, steady beat and frazzled guitar lines that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for the emotion of his vocals and storytelling to soar. Accompanying the release we have a music video that effortlessly enhances the passion and emotion of his storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, NOAH said, 
’Way Back Home’ was written about Luxembourg, the country in which I grew up and feel very connected to. It touches on the homesickness I experience on a daily basis, and doubles as a love letter to those whom I left behind when I moved here. It was really fun, while writing the song, just remembering all the little things I love about Luxembourg. It’s things that you take for granted when living there, such as free public transport, the cleanliness of the city, good bars, etc.