meadowhip Shares New Single ‘Am I Broken’

meadowhip, the solo project of Australian singer, songwriter and poet Cara Walkam, has just shared her brand new single Am I Broken, a warm and soulful piece of music. 
The second single to be taken from her upcoming debut EP, Am I Broken is a moody, provocative and wry cut about reflecting on what it's like to be "the problematic one" in any intimate relationship. This message is beautifully conveyed through meadowhip's smooth, emotive vocals which glide effortlessly layers of luscious, airy harmonies and punctuated with hints of shimmering guitar and 1940’s-inspired trumpet played by Sydney’s Tommy Gun. The song is a deeply human yet light-hearted acknowledgement of the impact that someone’s character flaws and bad behaviour can have on their relationships. If you're into soulful blends of alt-pop and R&B hooks with stunning vocals and overall chill, reflective vibes, then you'll enjoy Am I Broken. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, meadowhip said,
This song is about owning your mess and your part in the breakdown of your relationships, and finding a bit of comedy in it all. Am I broken? Indeed I am, a lot of the time, and I mean, who isn’t? But surely admitting to your flaws is almost as good as not having any, right?