Lola Lennox Shares New Single ‘Want More’

British singer, songwriter and musician, Lola Lennox has just shared her brand new single Want More, the latest track to be released from Lola's forthcoming debut EP (out October this year). 
Out now via Humble Angel Records, Want More is a sensational, summer anthem-in-the-making. Lyrically, the song touches on an age-old human condition of focusing more on what you want than what you already have, and the frustrating discovery that the grass rarely turns out to be greener on the other side. This message is beautifully conveyed through Lola's signature rich, soulful vocals which glide effortlessly over the upbeat pop production packed with lush synths, soaring guitars and a gritty, driving beat that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere.
Speaking about the song, Lola Lennox said,
‘Want More’ is a commentary on a world where consumption is at an all-time high; we are told that the more we acquire the better we will feel about ourselves, and yet we seem to be more dissatisfied than ever. We’re motivated by the belief that our internal voids can be filled by love, success, beauty and so on, and we are inundated with ‘highlight reels’ of other people's lives on social media. External gratification cannot solve all of our problems-- we only drift further away from substantial happiness and self-worth as we strive for more things. ‘Want More’ is that frenzied state of perpetual escapism, a craving to fill a void with fleeting joy in order to feel enough.
The accompanying music video for this gem, which was shot in Los Angeles, is directed by Grace Pickering (Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris, Khalid) and invites the viewers into Lola’s hyperreality, using colour, stop-motion and symbolic objects to highlight the frustration in always craving more. Check it out below!