Leah Lawson Shares New Single ‘Colder’

North Carolina-based singer and songwriter Leah Lawson has just shared her brand new single Colder, a melancholia-infused pop song out now via Good Bones Records. 
I am really enjoying the tone of her vocal which effortlessly infuse the song with a touch of vulnerability while conveying the emotion of her relatable storytelling. Colder is a song about the feelings of loneliness and isolation that comes when we move to a new place as a way to pursue our dreams but time goes by and we're not closer to achieving our dreams from when we started. I can relate to the feeling of loneliness and being stuck, not really moving forward with my goals and dreams, something that tends to take a toll on one's confidence. This message is packed with raw emotion and touches of melancholia that are enhanced by the intricate guitar melodies that are seamlessly intertwined with steady drums, subtle piano keys and Leah's dreamy vocals and harmonies. 
Accompanying the release, Leah Lawson has shared its official music video, directed by Jon Webb, which beautifully embodies the song's melancholic and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Leah Lawson said, 
I was living alone in a studio apartment in a new city and I got really familiar with the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Another year ticked by and I was broke, I wasn’t any closer to achieving my dreams, or having the sense of community I really longed for.