Josefine Landelius Shares New Single ‘Somewhere far away’

Swedish singer and songwriter Josefine Landelius is back with a lovely new single called Somewhere far away, a heartwarming pop ballad about wanting to escape reality and dream away for a while. 
I am a fan of Josefine Landelius's lush, expressive vocals which effortlessly convey the emotion of relatable storytelling, soaring beautifully over the polished production. Written with producer and songwriter Liam Erixon, Somewhere far away is a song that most of us can relate to, as there are moments in life that we just want to escape and forget about our problems for a while. This message is wrapped around a cpativating acoustic guitar-driven melody that is subtly paired with cool rhythms and lush harmonies that together create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Josefine Landelius said, 
Somewhere far away” is about wanting to escape reality and just dream away for a while. To be aware that the place you are right now might not be the best, but at the same time know what you need to get out of there, and in this case a longing to go somewhere far away to just relax for a while. The song was written together with producer and songwriter Liam Erixon and was written at a 3hour -camp while they were studying together at “Songwriters Academy of Sweden”.