Jakke Shares New Single ‘Sugar Tide’

American artist Jakke has just shared his brand new single Sugar Tide, the focus track from his new EP, How Do You Love, out now via Norcal Electric Records. 
Sugar Tide is a captivating indietronica cut that describes the essence that invokes deep desire and makes us surrender our love to a romantic partner. We crave and thirst for it as it drips from them both physically and energetically. This message is beautifully conveyed through his super smooth, evocative vocals which are backed by a polished electronic production that pairs ethereal synths with lush 808 bass tones and percussive layers that together create an overall warm, chilled out atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jakke said,
I wrote the start of this song early one morning in Venice by playing between two low notes on my keyboard. I held the sustain on the notes and just sat there in the space between them as they rang out, recounting the deep and beautiful intimacy I had been sharing with my partner who at that time was a new romance for me. The original title of the track was “Wide Awake’ because I had felt this awakening within me of limitless devotion and surrender, but as the song evolved, I realized that ‘Sugar Tide’ was more fitting in terms of how I felt visually about lyrics and the flow of track.