Hazlett Drops New Single ‘Everybody Hates Me’

Rising Stockholm based Australian singer and songwriter Hazlett has released his stunningly honest new single Everybody Hates Me, out now via Nettwerk Music. 
I am a fan of Hazlett's smooth tone and how dynamic and expressive his vocal delivery is, effortlessly conveying the emotion of his storytelling over the polished indie-pop production. Everybody Hates Me is a stunning, slow-building serenade to the mental fallout from an isolating period of time for everyone… This message is backed by infectious guitar melodies that are seamlessly intertwined with echoing harmonies, cool rhythms and catchy drum patterns that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for his gorgeous vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Hazlett explains the meaning behind the song’s lyrics 
…the past couple of years has made us so unsustainably connected and online, I felt like I was losing myself in it. I became hyper aware if people were behaving remotely different and the constant solitude turned these thoughts into thinking that nobody liked me. It became a moment on the record to get things off my chest, not necessarily to solve anything but to at least leave it out to dry.