FR3SH TrX & XEDM Share New Single ‘I Can’t Believe It’
German producer Sven Hessel a.k.a. FR3SH TrX has teamed up with Taiwanese newcomer XEDM to deliver a high-energy Future Rave/ House track called I Can't Believe It. 
Out now via XWaveZ, I Can't Believe It is a song about a disappointed love into virtual Sci-Fi worlds with expressive vocals gliding effortlessly over a hypnotic blend of Future Rave and House elements, featuring lush, expansive synths and a memorable driving beat! Its accompanying video shows the song's protagonist compensating for her broken relationship by fleeing into the virtual world. In doing so, she discovers how incredible and infinite the possibilities of VR are, and not just as a distraction from the pain of relationships… This is definitely one of those songs perfect to get you energised and ready for a fun weekend! Check it out below!