Elliot Horne Shares Debut Single ‘Where Would I Be’

Oxfordshire-based singer/songwriter Elliot Horne takes off on the start of a brand new musical endeavour as he announces the release of his debut single Where Would I Be, a gorgeous R&B-infused pop song. 
I am really enjoying Elliot Horne's powerful, layered vocal melodies which are packed with soul and emotion, gliding beautifully over the chilled out production. Where Would I Be shows off an emotional side to Elliot, something he feels needs to happen more often in young males. I am particulrly fond of the way the lush production allows for Elliot’s vocal range shine in full force, pulling you further in with every melismatic syllable. Backing his dynamic vocal delivery we have a polished R&B-infused production with intimate R&B beats and warm rhythms creating an overall warm and emotional atmosphere. Definitely an impressive debut that I'll be listening on repeat for quite some time. Check it out below!