Divino Niño Share ‘XO’ Music Video

Chicago-via-Bogotá band Divino Niño have just shared their wild, mildly NSFW Ambar Navarro-directed video for their electrifying new single XO, out now via Winspear. 
Taken from the band's upcoming new album Last Spa on Earth, out on September 23rd, XO is a groovy, chilled out piece of latin-psych/indie music that instantly got me in a good, relaxed mood which I think you will appreciate. I am particularly fond of the effortless and confident vocal delivery, groovy rhythms and steady beat that create a warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day. The Ambar Navarro-directed music video finds the band gleefully blending the sacred and profane, making this quite an enthralling viewing experience. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song/video, the quintet explains they,

are inspired by experiences Camilo and Javier had growing up in a cultish Christian church. The lyrics are about rebelling against taboos set by religion with a tongue-in-cheek twist. I just thought: let’s put the bible and an ass right next to each other in the lyrics. If there was any trauma hanging from our upbringing, we were able to deal with it here.