BLYN Share New Single ‘YNML’

Seattle-based band BLYN have just shared their brand new single YNML, a captivating indie-pop/rock cut written from the perspective of a person wrestling with the reality of political and social polarization, not only within society but within themselves. 
 I am really enjoying the confident, passionate vocals which effortlessly convey the emotion of their storytelling while gliding effortlessly over the polished production. YNML (You Need My Love) shows how government leaders and policies drastically impact people and that change is needed in order to care for the marginalised and oppressed in our society. On one hand, this song is a protest against the powers that be, and on the other hand, a protest against the contempt and apathy within ourselves to actually take action. This message is backed by a melodic bassline paired with soaring guitars, steady drums, eerie undertones, rhythmic textures, bright strings/synths and an epic bridge that together create an overall warm and impactful listening experience. Check it out below!