Anarbor Share New Single ‘Emergency’ ft. Sammy Adams

Phonenix-based band Anarbor have just shared their brand new single Emergency, a laid-back, summery piece of music taken from their long awaited and highly anticipated studio album, Love & Drugs, set to arrive on September 2nd. 
For this song, the band teamed up with Boston rapper Sammy Adams whose effortless and confident rap flow makes the song stand out even more. Emergency is a complex track that speaks on the constant state of fear we have grown accustomed to these past few years against a light-hearted backdrop. With a reggae-infused tempo, lively pop-centered synths, and a call-to-action pulse that permeates throughout the track’s production, Emergency has come at a perfect time as we reflect on the aftermath of an infuriating summer. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, 
Danny Stravers (lead guitarist of Anarbor) said, ‘Emergency’ is the song where we address the fear culture that grew out of control over the course of the last couple of elections and the pandemic. We’re by no means a political band, but regardless of your affiliation, I think we can all agree that the daily level of which mainstream & social media has propagated fear in our society is disgusting. The more afraid we become, the more we watch, the more we post, the more we fight with our fellow people. It’s a vicious behavioral cycle that needs to change, and it’s up to all of us to remind those close to us that there’s no logical reason to get too worked up about something they have zero control over.