Vraell Shares New Single ‘Point’

Vraell, the moniker of London based musician & producer Alessio Scozzaro, is back with his latest single Point, a captivating indie/folktronica cut out now via Nettwerk Music. 
Conveying powerful emotions and message behind tender and mesmeric melodies, Point is one of the strongest tracks he’s released in his fledgling musical career. This is a song that encourages listeners to take matters into their own hands, after being passive in a relationship for too long. This relatable song is beautifully conveyed through his smooth, expressive vocals which are backed by a polished production that features lush synths that are seamlessly intertwined with acoustic guitar riffs, subtle piano keys and a memorable driving beat that create an overall warm atmosphere. This is one of those songs I'd play during a walk back home after a long day at work or during those chill introspective days. 
Accompanying the release, Vraell shared its official music video, directed by Werner Vivier, which beautifully enhances the song's message and warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Vraell said, 
‘Point’ is about taking matters into your own hands after being passive in a relationship for too long. It's about taking charge and trying to get out of that slumber you put yourself in. Like being at the edge and you’re just giving it that last chance. You want to give it that final chance - because you want that second chance too for your own life. The song bridges the gap between the apathy we have towards ourselves and the bravery we need to embrace the end of certain things, whether it is the end or the start of something new.