Thomas LaVine Shares New Single ‘Maybe I'll Never Know’

South Carolina-based singer and songwriter Thomas LaVine has just shared his brand new single Maybe I'll Never Know, a hauntingly beautiful piece of indie-folk music. 
I am a fan of Thomas LaVine's gorgeous, expressive vocals and how they convey so much vulnerability and emotion, soaring beautifully over the polished indie-folk production. Maybe I'll Never Know is a song about exploring his feelings towards spirituality, questioning if there's a grand design to human existence. I think many of us have had moments when we would wonder about the meaning of life, what is our purpose here, if there is any purpose at all. Some people rely on spirituality/religion to answer these questions and others keep dwelling about it, finding comfort that maybe we'll probably never know the answers to these questions. 
This message is beautifully conveyed through Thomas LaVine's gorgeous vocals and dreamy, echoing harmonies which are backed by intricate acoustic guitar riffs that are seamlessly intertwined with delicate piano keys and lush strings that enhance the song's warmth and dreamy atmosphere, making it perfect for those chill, introspective days at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about this song, Thomas LaVine said, 
Maybe I'll Never Know is an exploration of my feelings towards spirituality. Is there a "greater purpose" to human existence? Is our purpose to fulfill our finite time here on earth with as much love and enjoyment as we can? Is there no purpose at all, leaving it up to us to create it for ourselves? These thoughts take up a lot of my mental space. I sometimes struggle with finite time making me feel desperate for an answer, making me feel like loss of anything I love is even harder to handle. Maybe once we're gone, there is a beauty in the stillness, and calmness of non existence waiting on us? Perhaps it isn't something to worry about at all. I had a religious upbringing that forced me to ponder these kinds of things often. I love my family and I love the joy I get from seeing the ocean, a good cup of coffee, a beer with friends, a great movie, spending time in nature around wildlife, and so much more. For now, its important to me to keep my focus calibrated on that, because at lease I do know that those things matter and very much so. As for the other stuff, I'm beginning to find a comfort even in the fact that maybe I'll never know.