thea wang Shares New Single ‘Garden Song (I Prefer a Loon)’

Norwegian singer and songwriter thea wang has just shared her brand new single Garden Song (I Prefer a Loon), an enchanting folk/pop cut out now via MADE Records. 
The final song to be released prior to her debut album While He Is Still Asleep on September 2nd, Garden Song (I Prefer a Loon) finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her crisp vocals, full of beauty and emotion, which soar effortlessly over her iconic warm sound. I am particularly fond of the vulnerability of her vocal delivery and how is is wrapped around an entrancing sound that features a set of layered voices, a clash of acoustic and electric guitars with lush strings that together create quite a wistful and intimate atmosphere. Garden Song (I Prefer a Loon) is a story of pain and heartbreak, drawing inspiration from her own life. This is such an enthralling listening experience, perfect for a laid-back, introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, thea wang said,
'Garden Song' is about thinking that a person is better off without you, and the other one thinking that you cannot decide what is best for them. It's about someone being afraid to be a burden, like saying “just go” even though you want someone to stay. You want the person to do what they want and feel like you are keeping them from living their best life. ​
At first I thought I had written a story about a person getting a serious disease and that when knowing her life will be hard, they break up with their partner even though all they want is being with them - and vice versa. But then the story got more personal, I noticed it's partly also about someone just struggling with something, thinking everyone is better off without them, when really that person doesn't see how they’re not.