Stevie Bill Shares New Single ‘Good luck to your new girlfriend’

Dutch/English artist Stevie Bill has just shared her brand new single Good luck to your new girlfriend, an upbeat alt/electro-pop song. 
Her first release since 2020, Good luck to your new girlfriend is an addictive, punchy pop number built with an explosive take-no-shit attitude. I am really enjoying the tone of her voice and how confident and passionate her vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over the polished production. Wrapped around fuzzy bass line roars, thunderous drums and in-your-face guitars, the single speaks directly to the ex who didn't deserve you, creating a heightened moment of intense pop. Have a listen to this pop anthem below!



Speaking about the song, Stevie Bill said, 
Good luck to your new girlfriend was written in my Brooklyn bedroom with my roommate Connor. I had just flown in from Amsterdam the day before. No shade to my ex, but I had heard some things about our past that I wasn’t so pleased about, a year after we broke up. So I wrote a song to wish his new girlfriend good luck with him. It wasn’t meant as hate to their new relationship, more of an anthem to bring myself peace.