Sam Heselwood Shares New Single ‘Outside Kinda Kids’

New Zealand singer and songwriter Sam Heselwood has just shared his brand new single Outside Kinda Kids, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming EP. 
What I like the most about this song is how passionate his vocals are, effortlessly infusing the song with so much raw emotion that instantly connects us to his relatable storytelling. Outside Kinda Kids is an ode to growing up as a very active kid, spending time outside playing with other kids and looking how today's kids don't get the same experience most of us (I was a 90s kid) had when growing up. It's a song about the good old days and is flawlessly conveyed through his gorgeous vocals which are packed with raw emotion, soaring over intricate acoustic guitar riffs that are seamlessly intertwined with punchy drum patterns that match the emotion pouring from the vocals. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sam Heselwood said,
Outside Kinda Kids was written about the personal times I had growing up in New Zealand as a very active child. We used to do everything outside from building tree houses, digging in the dirt, playing sports to riding our motorbikes down the road to see our friends. I see things changing these days and it worries me that a lot of kids don't get the same experience as I did growing up. I want to make sure that my kids get every opportunity that I did, I realise technology is a massive part of life these days but in my opinion there is no reason for a child to be sitting on an I-pad inside when just outside the door there is a whole world of productive, creative and sporting things to be doing and achieving.