Per Nord Shares New Single ‘Drown’ ft. Xtina Louise

Swedish producer Per Nord has just shared his brand new single Drown, a dreamy piece of House/EDM out now via Reload Music. 
For this song, the talented music producer teamed up with singer and songwriter Xtina Louise, whose lush, expressive vocals beautifully infuse the song with a dreamy, ethereal-like touch while also making it perfect to sing along to. I am particularly fond of how smooth and ethereal her harmonies are, gliding effortlessly over the polished electronic production. Backing her vocals we have a catchy beat throughout the song which is seamlessly intertwined with airy rhythms, lush house piano chords, lively percussive elements, cool strings and expansive synths that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a chill summer evening. Check it out below!