Ned Moss Shares New Single ‘Capsized’

London-based guitarist, singer and songwriter Ned Moss has just shared his brand new single Capsized, the 4th and final single of Ned Moss' self-titled EP which is out now. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how expressive Ned's vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the captivating indie-folk production. Capsized is a song about mental health, written through the eyes of Ned Moss who is describing the view of one of his friends slowly sinking as there kindness goes out to all but themselves. This relatable song highlights how some people give so much of them that they end up with nothing left, causing them to feel overwhelmed and capsized. This message is wrapped around a polished indie-folk production with intricate acoustic guitar riffs nicely intertwined with cool rhythms and steady percussion that enhances the song's warmth and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!