Leonardo Davi Shares New Single ‘Breathe’

Austria-based, Brazilian singer and songwriter Leonardo Davi has just shared his brand new single Breathe, an upbeat, sun-soaked pop song out now via GRS MUSIC / Global Rockstar. 
I am a fan of Leonardo Davi's vocals and how expressive and passionate his vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the upbeat melodies. Breathe is a song about the relatable desire to have someone special by our side, making them know they can count on us. This is a personal song for Leonardo as he opens about his feelings that many of us can relate to as I believe most of us really want to find that person that just makes our lives shine brighter. This message is wrapped around a polished pop production that features intricate guitar plucks seamlessly intertwined with a punchy beat and an infectious chorus that together create an overall feel-good, yet emotional, atmosphere. Check it oout below!



Speaking about the song, Leonardo Davi said,
"Breathe" is a different song than the others and maybe my favorite one so far. The song is about a desire to have a special person by my side, where she can count on me. It's really a personal song and it was not easy for me at the beginning to talk so open about my feelings. It's quite hard to find the "perfect match" nowadays and it's even harder for me to trust other people, as in the past my trust was often broken by people I loved. It often feels like today's generation is all about the perfect life on social media and there are no real feelings left. I hope that one day I will find that one person who will take my breath away .. maybe she is already listening to this song, who knows?