Lasse Matthiessen Shares New Single ‘Emotional’

Danish artist Lasse Matthiessen has just shared his mesmerising new single Emotional, a pulsating indie-electro track out now via Zpektakel.
What I like the most about this song is how rich and deep Lasse Matthiessen's vocals are, oozing so much emotion that instantly captures our attention from start to finish. Emotional is a poetic piece of music about the things we can't control in our lives, a relatable message wrapped around a modern, sensuous-driven electronic production that beats with an 80's heart. It's the combination of Lasse's intimate baritone voice and retro-infused synths and beat that won me over, creating quite a warm and enthralling listening experience perfect for a late night drive or introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lasse Matthiessen said, 
I wrote 'Emotional' in Hamburg after a concert. It was created by the neon lights of the night, the noise, the sweat, the beat and the pumping pulse in the Reeperbahn neighborhood. It came from everything that you can't control in your life... and then comes the chorus where I shut out all noise and sing while sitting next to the listener's ear: 'I get so emotional and I can't seem to control myself.