Kadebostany Shares New Single ‘Another Sunrise’

Kadebostany, the brainchild of Swiss songwriter/producer Guillaume de Kadebostany, has just shared his brand new single Another Sunrise, a cultural smash turned into a twisted pop anthem. 
Featuring the singular vocals of Paris-based Fang The Great, Another Sunrise pairs pop elements with anthemic Ukrainian chants (by singers Daryna Salii, Iryna Sizyk, and Vasylyna Tkachuk), resulting in a memorable cultural experience that evokes a sense of grandeur, hope and freedom. Apart from the expressive vocals and chants, I am very fond of the punchy beat, cool guitar riffs and expansive rhythms that combined create an overall warm, empowering and anthemic atmosphere! Definitely one of those songs that have blown me away and got me super excited to share with you! Check it out below!