Jend Shares New Single ‘Gather Around’

Austrian/American/Argentinian producer, Jend, a.k.a. Jendbeats, has just shared his brand new single Gather Around, a stunning song taken from his 10-track debut album Coastline Groove which is out now! 
This project features a collection of warm sounding house music made to feel the warmth of the summer at any given time of the year and Gather Around is the perfect example of such feeling. I am absolutely in love with the song's infectious energy and how it instantly got me in a good mood and wanting to go out clubbing. Gather Around features a chill vintage groove that is seamlessly intertwined with a killer bass, slowly building up with energy that is enhanced by the cool rhythms and steady drum patterns that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for the hypnotic vocal topline to soar. This is one of those songs that instantly gets me in a good mood, forgetting about my problems and just enjoy the ride. Definitely a memorable House cut perfect for carefree, poolside parties during the summer. Check it out below!