Jayd Ink Shares New Single ‘Queen St’

Canadian R&B songstress Jayd Ink has just shared her brand new single Queen St, a smooth, meditative and self-reflective 90's-infused cut out now via W.O.N. 
Produced by SZA's producer for 'Good Days', Queen St showcases Jayd Ink's velvet vocal and liquescent tone as well as her impeccable songwriting skills. I can't get enough of her gorgeous vocals which instantly set quite a soothing and relaxed touch to this already chill piece of R&B music. 
Queen St is one of those songs perfect for those long drives or walks when you just want to unwind after a long, stressful day. The song emanates an air of serenity and sensuality with a production reminiscent of the unmistakable sounds from the classic 90’s R&B era while still staying trye to her vibrant sonority. I am particularly fond of the soft, relaxed, chill-hop style beatss and subtle guitar plucks that enhance the song's warmth and chill vibes. If you're looking for a song to unwind from the day and enjoy velvety vocals, then you'll love Queen St. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jayd Ink said, To clear my head, I like to go for a ride, play some music or just drive in silence. This record is about sitting with yourself and going for that late drive to unwind from the day. Queen Street is a popular street in Toronto, it’s where the majority of people do most of their shopping and hang out. During lockdown, it was deserted, so it was a perfect drive and I’d never seen it so empty. Whilst I was going for these rides I found myself exploring my city with fresh eyes, connecting with it in new ways and just learning to appreciate the memories that I’d had here and this particular street struck a chord and really stood out to me, like never before.