HUNJIYA Shares New Single ‘OUTGROWN’

Korean American pop / R&B artist HUNJIYA has just shared her brand new single OUTGROWN, the latest single to be taken from her album KHAMAI, which is out now! 
What I like the most about this song is how dynamic it sounds, starting with a cinematic touch and building up into a high-energy alt-pop moment. OUTGROWN is a captivating and relatable song about growing out of an older version of yourself, realising you've changed and you're no longer that person you were before. This message is wrapped around a soulful, r&b-infused alt pop production that pairs cinematic strings and piano chords with steady rhythms, soaring guitar riffs and punchy drums that create the perfect atmosphere for HUNJIYA's passionate vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, HUNJIYA said, 
Sometimes you catch up with a friend and realize it turns you into an older version of yourself or it reminds you of that version. A part inside of you still wishes that you could go back to how you were before going your own ways and a part of you is happy you two grew out of each other. This song is about growing out of an older version of oneself and realizing you're not the same people you were when you were friends.