Hein Cooper & Lawson Hull Share New Single ‘Maze’

Australian singers and songwriters Hein Cooper and Lawson Hull have teamed up to deliver a lush, haunting track called Maze
Out now via Nettwerk Music, Maze beautifully combines their gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities into a memorable and enthralling listening experience. A song about overthinking and one's journey with oneself, Maze is a haunting track that highlights atmospheric harmonies combined with soaring and driving rhythms taken from each artistic expression Lawson and Hein share in their own solo musical ventures. I am loving the passion and emotion pouring from their vocals, the subtle guitar plucks that are nicely paired with a driving beat and lush synths that effortlessly create a warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone with our thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Hein said,
I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and a lot of the time it comes from overthinking. I get overwhelmed making decisions when there are positives and negatives in every outcome. Over time I've learnt that it's ok to not always know the best way and this is how 'Maze' came about. Lawson and I have been friends ever since we got together to write music a year or two ago. We wrote this song over a couple of sessions and it became clear that we both felt really strongly about it so a collaboration seemed to be the best way forward!
Lawson shares,
Hein and I had done a couple of writes together and “Maze” came around on the third time, maybe. I’d come to the table with that chord progression you hear in the intro, and a handful of lyrics about not being sure of myself or what I’m doing, where I’m going. Hein’s a very visual writer and came up with this idea of a maze. His interpretation may be different from mine, but I guess the maze is this internal journey you’re on with yourself everyday as an artist - up, down, left, right, commit, bail, start and stop. It’s like, will I let myself wind-up in this maze again today? The chorus brings a touch of hope - “this time I’m ahead”.