Guy Hale, novelist and owner of a record label, collaborates with Kid Anderson and Mike Zito to provide a soundtrack for Guy's new book, 'Killing Me Softly'. This twelve-track collection is not to be missed!

With the opening track, 'Vacant Stare', the guitars soar above the drummers' infectious cadence. Mike kicks off the show with vigour and delights the ears with his soothing vocal tones. Halfway through the soundtrack, the song 'Too Much' reintroduces grittier blues-rock and does it with force!

'Cold Winds Blowing' brings the soundtrack to its conclusion; it is an emotional release that drips with passion, and Mike and Kid wrap everything up flawlessly. 

In the book 'Killing Me Softly', a musician's (Jimmy Wayne) life is turned around when he writes a great song, but there are also terrible implications to such fame. 

More information on the book and music is available here.